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At least 24% of consumers refuse to conduct business online due to fear of online fraud and lack of security.
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What is SSL?

What is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, an encryption technology that was originally created by Netscape in the 1990s. SSL creates an encrypted connection between your web server and your visitors’ web browser allowing for private information to be transmitted without the problems of eavesdropping, data tampering, and message forgery.

To enable SSL on a website, you will need to get an SSL Certificate that identifies you and install it on your web server. When a web browser is using an SSL certificate it usually displays a padlock icon but it may also display a green address bar. Once you have installed an SSL Certificate, you can access a site securely by changing the URL from http:// to https://. If SSL is properly deployed, the information transmitted between the web browser and the web server (whether it is contact or credit card information), is encrypted and only seen by the organization that owns the website.

Millions of online businesses use SSL certificates to secure their websites and allow their customers to place trust in them. In order to use the SSL protocol, a web server requires the use of an SSL certificate. SSL certificates are provided by Certificate Authorities (CAs).

How to know if a Website Is Secure

Look at the URL of the website. If it begins with “https” instead of “http” it means the site is secured using an SSL Certificate (the s stands for secure). SSL Certificates secure all of your data as it is passed from your browser to the website’s server.

Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL)

SSL Certificate With Errors

Standard Certificate (SSL)

No SSL Certificate

Top Providers

Symantec SSL


Most trusted name in online security, popular with large retailers, enterprises, as well as with small businesses that want to leverage brand recognition with great selection of security options.

Start at $299/yr



GeoTrust is globally trusted and it offers cost effective security solutions for ecommerce sites, small businesses, or even just blogs and content sites mindful about their security.

Start at $9.95/yr



Comodo is another brand recognized internationally that offers low-cost SSL certificates perfect for small businesses as well as high-end EV and SGC certificates for large organizations and enterprises.

Start at $10.95/yr

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